The 12000 BTU Nanomist Portable Air Conditioner Employs Self-evaporative cooling: as part of the cooling process - all air conditioners remove water from the air. These units remove much of this collected moisture by evaporating the moisture into the exhausted air from the unit's exhaust hose. Ultimately this means no water or less water to manually empty depending on your conditions.

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NANOMAX 12000 BTU Air Conditioner

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12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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Cooling Capacity:
Max Room Size:
Thermostat Range:
12,000 BTU's
400 Square Feet
62° F - 90° F.
14 ¼" L x 12" W x 29 ½" H
50 lbs. (70 lbs. net)
Nanomax 12000 BTU Amcor Air Conditioner and Heater Description

This NanoMax-12000E 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner

is designed cool an average-sized room up to 400 sq. ft. or less depending upon room insulation and number of heat sources in the room. Our Patented Evaporative Booster Technology which increases effectiveness and energy Efficiency is coupled with patented Innovative Auto Drain NanoMist Technology which provides the convenience of never needing to be drained.  Available in White Here >
Digital Remote Included: Click for Larger Image
Feature Specs for Nanomax 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor, 5 years on Compressor
  • Very Small Footprint - Saves Space at just 12" Across 15'' Deep
  • Never Needs to be Drained - No Water Bucket or Drain Line!
  • Includes a LCD display, Built in Thermostat & Remote Control
  • Washable Air filter Collects Dust & Inhibits Bacteria Growth
  • Self Evaporating System w/ Full Thermostat Control
  • Provides Quiet & Efficient Cooling w/o Permanent Installation
  • An 8-foot Cord Can be Plugged Into any Grounded Outlet
  • Built-in Castors & Trolley Handle for Easy Mobility
  • Extendable Exhaust Hose (up to 5 ft.) & Window kit included
  • Technical Specs for Nanomax 12,000 BTU A/C
    Air Volume: 194 cfm
    Timer Settings: 1 - 12 Hours
    Moisture Removal: 60 Pints / Day
    Fan Speed Settings: (2) Normal-Fast
    Compressor Type: Rotary
    Refrigerant: R-22
    Exhaust pipe Max length: 60.25 in.
    Exhaust pipe diameter: 4.5 in.
    Window Kit Material: Platic Slider
    Window Kit Width: 4 in.
    Window Kit Max Length: 54 in.
    12000 BTU Nanomax AC electrical
    Power Supply: 110 V / 60Hz
    Power Consumption: 830 Watts
    Energy efficienty Ratio: 14.46
    Rated Current: 7.9 Amps
    LCD Thermostat Display
    Digital Thermostat Display
    Click for Larger Image
    Auto Drain NanoMist Technology
    The AutoDrain NanoMist Technology™ redirects excess water build in the water drain bucket, up through a small hose, mounted within the hot air discharge hose located at the rear of the portable air conditioner. The water is expelled through a fine mist water atomizer, snap mounted within the hot air hose assembly, which prepares the fine water mist to be vaporized by the hot air discharge of the unit. The water vapor is then passed through the hot air hose, and out the window. This simple device has revolutionized the portable AC product category, as it eliminates the aggravating chore of emptying the water drain bucket.
    Amcor Nanomax Air Conditioner Additional Features

    NANOMAX Series:
    Design is a key component of product differentiation in the market place. Design variations not only offer aesthetic value that can be matched to consumer requirements, but differentiation between competing customers. The Amcor range offers such choice from a menu of styles, designed to work in tandem with their reliable and widely adopted core units.

    NANOMAX Design

    All functions of the Amcor NanoMax-A12000E Portable Air Conditioner are controlled with this sleek, digital LED display. Common-Sense symbols and buttons make it easy to operate. The Control panel features a 12 hour timer for while-you're-away operation. Remote control Included. (Click for Larger Image)

    Digital Control Display

    The NanoMax-12000E Portable Air Conditioners features an ergonomically designed easy Pull Trolley Handle makes portability nearly effortless. Yet another example of how Amcor thinks of you when designing their products. (Click for Larger Image)

    Trolley Handle

    Removing dust and inhibiting bacteria growth, an easy-clean washable heavy duty particle filter is featured in the NanoMax-12000E Portable Air Conditioners. (Click for Larger Image)

    Washable Air Filter

    Large wheels on the Amcor NanoMax-12000E Portable Air Conditioners make them easy to move up stairs. Heavy duty casters make moving the ALD from room to room a breeze. Weighing only 68 lbs, the ALD is highly portable for around-the-house operation. (Click for Larger Image)


    The Nanomax 12000E operates on any standard 120V household outlet via an 8 foot chord. Just plug it in, attach the exhaust hose and let it start cooling. (Click for Larger Image)

    Rear Intake Grill

    An easy to install Window kit is included with the NanoMax-A12000E Portable Air Conditioners. Unlike window A/C units that hang half way our your window and create, essentially, an eyesore, the ALD Portable A/C models only show a discrete foam block and circular exhaust port.

    Installation Accessories
    Need Heat?  Upgrade from the NanoMax-A12000E to the NanoMax-A12000EH for only an additional $20

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