Portable air conditioners can be a highly effective way to either supplement an existing central HVAC system or cool a room entirely. Not only do portable AC's cool the surrounding air, they also dehumidify - keeping the air comfortably dry. The portable air conditioner units offered here differ by brand, capacity, and by additional features (such as whether a remote control is included, hose setup etc.) Some units have additional heating & IONIZER capabilities as well. Perhaps the most important thing to determine when choosing a portable air conditioner is the size (BTU) required.

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Eco-Friendly GREEN 14000 BTU Portable AC and Heater Cools or Heats areas up to 700 sq. feet. (OUT OF STOCK)
$314.45 This Portable Air Conditioner comes with Free Shipping
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Portable A/C Credentials View Details on this Air Conditioner
This Eco-Friendly GREEN 12,000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner Cools areas up to 400 ft². More >
$599.45 This Portable Air Conditioner comes with Free Shipping
Credential Symbol Chart:
This Unit Utilizes Refrigerant - Compressor Cooling System Cooling Capabilites 
This Unit Includes a Heating System Heating Capabilites
Includes Remote Control Includes Remote
Utilizes Dual Hose Setup Dual-hose Apparatus
Utilizes IONIZER Technology Equipped with Ionizer
Utilizes UV Anti-Bacterial Lighting UV Light Technology
Utilizes Activated Carbon Filter Equipped w/ Activated Carbon Filters
Utilizes 3M Filtrete Filters HEPA Filters
Utilizes 3M Filtrete Filters 3M Filtrete Filter
Utilizes Built in Water Pump - Dehumidifier Built in Water Pump
Utilizes Built in Water Pump - Dehumidifier Utilizes ECO-Friendly R-410A
free shipping Free Shipping
Room Size : BTU Key
200 Square Foot:  7500 BTU
250 Square Foot:  9000 BTU
300 Square Foot: 10000 BTU
350 Square Foot: 11000 BTU
400 Square Foot: 12000 BTU
430 Square Foot: 13000 BTU
500 Square Foot: 14000 BTU
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What Are Some Things I Should Consider Before Purchasing?
Are there any Exhaust Hoses to Install?
Does the Unit Drain Water?
What Size (BTU) Do I Need?
What is the Difference Between a Single Hose and Dual Hose?
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