If your home surroundings only require heating and don’t want to pay the extra cost for a dual-temp air conditioner, our selection of heaters will keep you comfortable during those cold winter months. Every unit feature’s a unique set of specifications to accommodate each individual circumstance.  Space Heaters and Stylish Ceramic Heaters provide adequate warmth for areas up to 150 sq. ft. and are all energy efficient and highly rated for safety. 

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41000 BTU Propane Heater
Price: $368.45
Hammerstone Stainless Steel Patio Heater
Click for Larger Image
Heat area:
41,000 BTU / 13 Kw
up to 20' Radius
87" H x 32" top x 18" base
44 Pounds
Technical Specs for Patio Heater
Construction: Stainless Steel
Finish Gold Hammered Stone
Heat Output: 41,000 BTU / 13 Kw
Ignition Type: Piezo Push Button
Heat area: up to 20'
Gas Type: Propane
Gas consumption: 450 - 870 gm/hr
Approvals: CE / DVGW / CSA
Reflector Diameter: 32" (in.)
Base diameter: 18"
Height: 87"
Cylinder / Tank size: 22 lb
Net Weight: 37.5 LB / 19 KG
Gross Weight: 48.5 LB / 22 KG
Description Nanomax 12000 BTU
Excellent for those who want to enjoy the outdoors in chilly conditions, this Stainless Steel Patio Heater boasts a powerful 41,000 BTU Heat Capacity.  Not restricted by power cords, this propane heater requires no electricity and can be setup almost anywhere in your backyard or garden.  Built with quality construction and commercial-grade components, the PH-2100 raises outdoor temperatures from 10° to 20° F within a 15' - 20' radius.  Designed to accommodate both household and commercial venues, adjustable gas settings gives you complete control over heat output.  Set the Fuel efficient Burner to Low for a warm stream of comfort during a brisk evening on the patio or crank it up during those chilly winter nights for maximum heat capacity.  Plan to enjoy many more nights out on the patio or deck warmed by your elegant hammeredstone Stainless steel heater.
Feature Specs for Patio Heater
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Bold Hammeredtone Finish.
  • Effective, Targeted and Instant Heating.
  • Safety Anti-Tilt Switch Shuts Unit off if Tilts > 20 Degrees.
  • Advance Integrated Burner Technology, 30% more Efficient.
  • Easily Assembled with Basic Household Tools.
  • Fuel Efficient Infra-red Heat Wave Technology.
  • Double Grate, Infra-Red Conical Burner Head.
  • Includes: Wheel Set, Dust Cover Safety Hose and Regulator.
  • Convenient Front Loading Door - Easy to Operate & Clean.
  • CE / DVGW / CSA Approved
    CE / DVGW / CSA Approved
    CE / DVGW / CSA Approved
    Patio Heater Additional Features

    SOLARIS Patio Heaters use uncompromising construction and premium material to combine function and form. Many discount patio heaters resemble tin foil wrapped over a wire hanger but cost almost as much. All our patio heaters have been tested with the highest quality standards.

    Quality Construction Design

    Durability, high output and fuel maximization are the three key features of the new conical-double grated, infra-red burner. It offers an amazing 41,000 BTU wave of comforting warmth. Efficient infrared heat directly warms people and objects without wasting energy on heating ambient air. (Click for Larger Image)

    Conical Red Burner Head : Click for Larger Image

    Specially designed knock-down reflector for added portability. The sleek Stainless Hammerstone shell makes it a centerpiece in any setting. (Click for Larger Image)

    Reflector: Click for Larger Image

    Advanced Burner Technology: The integrated stainless steel cone transfers heat directly to the heavy duty outside emitter. This result in consistent glow over the entire emitter surface. Saving up to 30% gas consumption compared to conventional burner systems. (Click for Larger Image)

    Emitter: Click for Larger Image

    The adjustable temperature setting allows perfect control for a brisk evening barbecue, early morning coffee, or any other outdoor activity. Ignition via convenient Piezo push button. (Click for Larger Image)

    Adjustable Temp Settings: Click for Larger Image

    Included Wheel Set makes mobility a breeze. (Click for Larger Image)

    Optional Wheel Set: Click for Larger Image

    Included Half Dust Cover Protects Conical Burner Elements when not in use. (Click for Larger Image)

    Optional Dust Cover: Click for Larger Image

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