As natural as sunlight, Micathermic heating distributes feel-good warmth evenly and consistently throughout the room. What is a micathermic heating element? It is a sheet of heating element that has made use of the mineral "Mica" associated with other elements. To take advantage of mica mineral, this kind of heating element can supply 99% heat to the air instantly. The main reason is that mica has wide ranges of properties such as electrical and mechanical strength and high temperature stability.  
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1500W Micathermic Heater - Remote
Price: $174.45
Soleus Flat Panel Micathermic Heater w/ Remote
HM2-15R-32 : Click for Larger Image
Description 1500W Soleus Air Flat Panel Micathermic Heater
Soleus Air's new line of Micathermic heaters combine all the instant heat of radiant heaters with the energy efficient whole-room heat of convection heaters. This technology results in twice the heating energy of most conventional panels, while remaining clean, quiet and energy-wise. Adding to the energy savings, this heater is also equipped with an "ECO" function which automatically reduces the energy usage by 1/3 when the room set temperature is reached. The digital thermostat acts just like your home thermostat, automatically turning the panel on and off to maintain a set temperature. It becomes easy to keep a room comfortable while never wasting energy over-heating. All of this technology is housed in a sleek, portable heater perfect for any home or office environment.
Feature Specs for1500W Soleus Air Flat Panel Micathermic Heater
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Included Remote Allows Convenient Operation from Anywhere in the Room
  • Produces no Odors or Fumes & doesn’t Burn Oxygen or Stir Up Dust
  • Cycles On and Off to Maintain Set Temperature
  • New Economic Energy Saving "ECO" Mode Reduces Electric Bills
  • Large Heating Surface with Slim, Versatile Design Fits into Small Spaces
  • Overheat Safety Protection: Automatically Shuts Off if Detects Overheating
  • Reaches Maximum Heating Power Quickly with Completely Silent Operation
  • Adjustable Thermostat, Digital Display & 12 Hour Auto-Off Timer
  • Technical Specs for 1500W Soleus Air Flat Panel Micathermic Heater
    Voltage/Frequency: 120V / 60Hz
    Power Consumption: 750 / 1500W
    Timer Settings: 1-12 hour
    Heat Settings (3): Low-High-ECO
    Dimensions: 26" H x 18" W x 8 5/8" D
    Weight: 11 lbs.
    Remote Included
    Larger Image
    PDF Download Click to Download Product Manual

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