Dehumidifiers are vital for environmental control especially in areas where humidity can rise above 50% naturally. Increased moisture in the air can begin to allow furniture to warp, accelerate wood rot, and harbor dangerous toxic mold and fungus (which produces odors among serious health risks). A dehumidifier draws water in from the air and reserves it into a holding tank or drains through a hose connection..
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46 Pint Dehumidifier w/ UV-TION
Price: $
Room Capacity :
Operating Temp Range:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
200 Square Feet.
41 ° F - 95° F.
21.5" x 16" x 8.3"
27.5 Pounds
description text
The SD-46T quietly and efficiently cleans and dehumidifiers the air you breath so you can enjoy year-round comfort. A necessity for those suffering from dust mites, allergies or those who wants to keep their indoor humidity level between 50 to 80% this unit also sanitizes the room by utilizing UV light technology eliminating germs and bacteria. Features an attractive water indicator light that changes from blue to red when tank is full.
highlight features
  • 1 Year Factory Warranty On Parts and Labor.
  • Built In UV / TION Light Technology Kills Mold & Bacteria.
  • Choice Of Continuous De-humidifiying: 50%, 60%, 70% or 80.
  • Digital Thermostat Control Panel.
  • Sleek Vertical Blue Light Turns Red when Tank is Full
  • Activated carbon Filter Eliminates Odors.
  • Digital Display Included
    digital_display for SD-46T
    Click for Larger Image
    technical specs
    U.S. pints / 24 hrs (AHAM) 46 pints
    Water tank volume 5.5 L
    Noise level (dBA) 45
    Applicable area (sq.ft.) 200
    Voltage/Frequency (Hz) 115V/60Hz
    Watts / Amps 440W / 4A
    Rotary compressor yes
    Refrigerant CFC Free R134a
    Working Temp Range 41°F -95 °F
    UV Germicidal Lighting Technology

    The SD-46T incorporates the technology of UV Germicidal lighting (UV-C) to effectively deactivate microorganisms. Due to its short wavelength (200 to 270nm), UV-C penetrates outer membranes of bacteria, yeasts, molds and viruses, attacking their structural DNA. By breaking the chains within the DNA, the microorganism is then unable to reproduce and as a result, dies. UV Germicidal light has been proven effective in the control of microorganisms.
    additional features
    - UV light kill germs and bacteria
    - Full bucket indicator with auto shut-off
    - Removable bucket -->
    - Drain hose connection option (hose not included)
    - De-icer (auto-defrost) - Time delay protection
    - Power ON indicator light
    - Washable air filter
    - High and low fan settings
    - Soft touch electronic control panel
    - Super quiet operation
    Easy Pull Out Bucket
    Red Light Indicates Water is Full

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