Individually equipped with Ionizers, HEPA - Activated Carbon filters, and/or UV lights, our air cleaners utilize the latest in Filter System Technologies. Whether you suffer from allergies, are located in high-pollutant areas, or just want healthier, cleaner & odor-free air, our quality air purifiers will efficiently and effectively purify the air you breath

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HEPA - Ionizer - Activated Carbon Air Purifier
Price: $69.49
Magic Clean Air Purifier: Ionizer, HEPA, Activated Carbon
description text
Featuring the latest in air purification technology, the AC-7013 Ionizer utilizes TiO2 (photo-catalyst titanium dioxide) + UV light to effectively kill air-born bacteria, virus’ mold dust mites and eliminate offensive odors. This brand new unit deliver’s the same air cleaning results as the expensive commercialized units at a fraction of the price and half the size. 
highlight features
  • Manual 2 - Speed Controls With Power Light
  • Employ's Ionizer, Activated C & HEPA Filters
  • Convenient Filter Access For Easy Replacement
  • Filter Change Calendar
  • Independent Ionizer Switch.
  • Compact Design Fits Almost Anywhere
    highlight features
    Air Flow:
    Input Voltage:
    Power Consump:
    Unit Weight:
    Room Capacity:
    100 ft. per minute
    120V / 60 Hz
    100 Watts
    6.7" W x 15 " H x 14.4"D
    9.04 Pounds
    180 Sq. Feet
    3000F (Hepa/Carbon)

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