A dual hose portable air conditioner works by taking in air from the outside through one of its hoses (intake), using that air to cool the unit - and then expelling that hot air through the exhaust hose. A Dual-hose setup won't create negative pressure inside the room and therefore wont draw in air from adjacent spaces to the area that is being cooled. Initial cool down of the area is quicker than single hose portable air conditioners and if the outside conditions are temperate, the compressor cools down faster which results in colder front air output.

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T2-PACH-14 14000 BTU AC Heater & IONIZER View Details and Specs >

Description: One of the most powerful portable ACs on the market, the Thermocore T1-PACH-14 delivers 14000 BTUs of true Cooling Power along with 11,000 BTUs of Heating Power. Accommodating areas up to 700 square feet, this unit employs evaporative technology flows air over the condenser coils allowing condensation to evaporate instead of collect. IONIZER function cleans and purifies air. This means there is little or sometimes no water to drain from bucket, because the moisture is exhausted outside along with the warm air. More>


30.1" H x 18.4" W x 15.6" D 74 Pounds


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AP14001HS 14000 BTU Dual-Hose AC and Heater: R-410A View Details and Specs >

Description: Eco-Friendly 14000 BTU dual-hose portable air conditioner with 14,000 BTU Heat Pump can cool or heat areas up to 525 sq. feet. Through Quality Construction & More Durable Internal Components, the AP14001HS Is Designed To Last Longer & Work In More Rigorous Environments Than Other Brands. Dual hose design - has separate fresh air intake duct for Rapid Cooling and a Patented Z-Spray auto drain exhaust system that Essentially Eliminates The Need To Empty Any Water From The Unit! More>


35 " H x 19" W x 16" D 80 Pounds


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ARC-12SD 'GREEN' 12,000 BTU Dual-Hose Portable AC : R-410A
View Details and Specs >

Description: Brand new! This Eco-Friendly GREEN dual-hose portable air conditioner utilizes 12000 BTUs of powerful cooling capacity to cool areas up to 400 sq. feet. Featuring new eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant coupled with ROHS certification makes this unit the most energy wise and Eco-friendly portable AC on the market. Dual hose design - has separate fresh air intake duct for Rapid Cooling and unique condensate evaporation system - less water to empty! More>


20" W x 16 " D x 34" H 72 Pounds


  This Portable AC comes with Free Shipping

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