Dehumidifiers are vital for environmental control especially in areas where humidity can rise above 50% naturally. Increased moisture in the air can begin to allow furniture to warp, accelerate wood rot, and harbor dangerous toxic mold and fungus (which produces odors among serious health risks). A dehumidifier draws water in from the air and reserves it into a holding tank or drains through a hose connection..
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11.8 oz. Dehumidifier UV/TION

Price: $57.65
11.8 oz. Compact Mini Dehumidifier : SD-350ti
UV Germicidal Lighting Technology
The STD-250 incorporates the technology of UV Germicidal lighting (UV-C) to effectively deactivate microorganisms. Due to its short wavelength (200 to 270nm), UV-C penetrates outer membranes of bacteria, yeasts, molds & viruses, attacking their structural DNA. By breaking these genetic chains, the micro-organisms becomes sterile and as a result, dies.
Description Peltier Dehumidifier Sunpentown SD350ti

The compact, efficient SM-35TI Mini Dehumidifier with UV Light & TION FIlter is a perfect choice for small, damp areas that need the comfort and health benefits provided by hygenic, moisture-free air. Employing Peltier (Thermo-Electric) technology, this unit creates effective, vibration-Free, moisture removal without the compressor noise dehumidifiers typically generate.

With its compact slender profile and 11.8 oz capacity, the STD-250 is an excellent choice for: Nurseries, Small bedrooms, Closets, wardrobes, cupboards, Under sinks and more! Although it's compact, it has many features of a full size dehumidifier including a full tank warning light and an auto-shut off function to prevent accidental overflows.
Feature Specs for Peltier Dehumidifier
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts & Labor.
  • UV Light and TiO2 Mesh to Eliminate Germs and Bacteria.
  • Energy Efficient, Whisper Quiet, Thermo-Electric Technology.
  • Auto Cut-off Switch When Tank is Full or Removed.
  • Convenient Carrying Handle for Easy Portability.
  • Lightweight, Compact, Streamline Design Fits Anywhere.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No CFC Operation.
  • Transparent Water Tank Allows Visual Gaugeing.
  • Power & Full Bucket Warning Indication Lights.
  • Connects to Standard Outlet Using Included 12 Volt Adaptor.

  • Technical Specs for Peltier Dehumidifier SD350ti
    Moisture Removal: 350 ml (11.8 oz)
    Water Tank Capacity: 2 liters (2000 ml)
    Power Supply: 12V DC adaptor
    Power Consumption: 60 (±5) W
    Unit Dimension: (in.) 8" W x 4.9" D x 13" H
    Weight (w/o adaptor): 3.75 lbs
    UL Listed
    Rear Views:
    SD-350TI : Mini Dehumidifier & UV TION Air Purifier   SD-350TI : Mini Dehumidifier & UV TION Air Purifier

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